Online Auction System PHP ( Laravel) Source Code

Online auctions are very useful for businesses, regardless of their type and size. Founded in 1995, eBay takes the credit of being the major online auction host. Many businesses have taken off because of the auction space offered by eBay. Bidders go through the product descriptions, shipping information, and images of the item before bidding. Advancements in technologies and the implementation of new features have made online auctioning simple than ever. From the initial development process to the integration of the online auction system, developers and software engineers encounter many challenges and difficulties. They think, plan, analyze, design, redesign, test, and correct errors to set up the most up-to-date online auction system for their clients.

The scope of this application is to build a user-friendly auctioning website, where users will be able to auction any product which is available nearby or anywhere in the world. By using Online Auction management system it will be easy for the auctioneer to make an auction and time saving also. Making auctions through this application will help to reach a maximum of buyers bidding in the local area. There will be a feature where the bidder and seller can message each other.


Maximum bidding.

Bid extension.

The email outbid notifications.

Reserve and start bids.

Make an offer and buy now.

Downloaded file as pdf,Exel,CSV,Print.

Edit, Delete, and Update the product

Can file complaints against Fraudulent Sellers.

Block fraud Customer and Seller.


Some Project Images :

Project Implementation Technology :

  • HTML
  • CSS

How To Run This Project On Your Computer :

First Download the project zip file and then unzip the file. Then you can see the auction file. Copy this auction file and move it to the Xampp -> htdocs . Then upload the bidding.sql file to the localhost/phpmyadmin. First, create a database name called bidding and then import this SQL file. After all of this open the auction folder to the visual studio or something you use as IDE. Open a new terminal and then copy this command to the terminal composer update --no-scripts and then open the server and enjoy the system.


Basic processes involved in an Online auction system are Registration for both seller and buyer, Identifying the auction type, auction rules, names, product information, prices, etc, Scheduling times for auction sessions including starting and closing time, and Bidding that includes collecting bids and validating the collected bids, Closing the Auction and finally Trade Settlement.

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