PHP (Laravel) Full Functional Portfolio Website With Backend Source Code

We can create a website based on the work we know or our skills, that website is called a portfolio website. A portfolio website is essential for any professional expert. A freelancer needs a portfolio website so that he can present his work to his clients. You can submit the website which is here as your school college project.

PHP (Laravel) Full Functional Portfolio Website With Backend Source Code

Feature :

  • Able to change the logo of this website
  • Change all over the content in the website using the backend
  • Login & Registration Function Active
  • Contact Form Active

How to run this project : 

First Download the project zip file and then unzip the file. Then you can see the file. Copy this auction file and move it to the Xampp -> htdocs . Then upload the portfolio.sql file to the localhost/phpmyadmin. First, create a database name called portfolio and then import this SQL file. After all of this open the auction folder to the visual studio or something you use as IDE. Open a new terminal and then copy this command to the terminal composer update --no-scripts , add the database in the .env folder in the project and migrate the database using this command php artisan migrate then open the server and enjoy the system.

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